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Alex L. Cohen – Internet Marketer

Hi, I’m Alex L. Cohen. I love online marketing, particularly the challenge of marketing effectively with beautiful, on-brand websites that function as expected and deliver killer business results. If you’d like to chat, please email me at alex@alexlcohen.com or tweet me @digitalalex

This blog, Digital Alex, is about internet marketing optimization–how to plan, execute, measureand optimize your website and promotions.

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A little bit about me (from my LinkedIn profile):

Data-driven marketing director with more than 7 years of online marketing experience and a track record of generating profit, particularly at smaller, resource constrained companies.

Well versed in paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, lead nurturing, email marketing, content creation, speaking, web analytics, website design, and testing. Consistently promoted for outstanding results and the ability to build revenue generating teams and marketing infrastructure from the ground up.

Popular writer on SearchEngineWatch.com and a well regarded speaker at over a dozen online marketing conferences and 3 universities, including Princeton University.

Professional Interests

- Working at smaller companies where my contribution has a direct impact to the bottom line
- Optimizing online marketing to improve persuasion and conversion, particularly in B2C
- Data driven decision making

Software Experience: Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, WordPress, ClickEquations, Mailchimp, Unbounce, Google Webmaster Tools, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite

Specialties: Ecommerce, strategic planning, A/B (split) and multivariate testing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), paid search marketing (ppc), search engine optimization (SEO), interactive, online marketing, and web

analytics, customer acquisition, customer retention, growth hacking, display media, retargeting, landing page optimization

Learn a little bit more about me:

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Online Marketing Interests and Specialties

My professional experience has mostly been in online marketing and direct marketing. My specialties/interests include:

  • Marketing optimization
  • Strategic planning
  • Web analytics
  • Ecommerce
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • A/B and multivariate and testing

My Preferences

  • Sr. Manager + level position
  • Client side (no agency positions)
  • Broader marketing/online marketing responsibilities (I’m not interested in positions that specialize in web analytics or search marketing, for example).
  • Smaller companies (less than 200 employees)
  • Based in New York City (Manhattan) or Brooklyn

If you’d like to discuss an opportunity, email me: alex @ alexlcohen . com.

Even if the opportunity is not a fit, I have a large network of talented internet professionals and I’m happy to pass it on. You’re more likely to find a candidate if you include a job description and salary range.

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Alex Cohen – Online Marketing Resume

Senior Marketing Manager at ClickEquations

December 2009 – Present

  • See above

Marketing Manager at ClickEquations
August 2008 – December 2009

  • Delivered regular leads to the sales team at 50% of the target cost-per-lead
  • Planned and executed an education strategy with 3 white papers, 7 videos and a monthly newsletter
  • Raised brand awareness through pitches to press, interviews with bloggers, and securing speaking slots at industry conferences.
  • Managed the search engine optimization, paid search campaigns, display advertising and website testing.

Strategic Account Manager at ClickEquations (formerly Commerce360)
January 2008 – August 2008

  • As a Strategic Account Manager, I was at the front line of the client-agency relationship. I had ultimate responsibility for team performance and client satisfaction.
  • I oversaw a team of paid search experts to successfully plan, execute, measure and optimize a total of well over $1MM in annual paid search spend.
  • Working with subject matter experts, I developed search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for clients large and small. I established client side relationships with marketing, development and content teams to manage projects that translated strategies into live tactics.
  • My clients ranged from cutting-edge web startups to Fortune 100 household names. I worked with clients in media, ecommerce, apparel, legal, photography and telecommunications verticals.

Strategic Analyst at ClickEquations (formerly Commerce360)
March 2007 – January 2008

  • What is a Strategic Analyst? Well, half of my job is developing interactive marketing strategies, i.e. how to help my clients achieve their business goals online. Strategy, as I define it, is about making the right choices and setting priorities among a sea of options. It’s the result of a deep understanding of my client’s business, customers, competitive landscape and business limitations.
  • The other half of my job is web analytics. Simply put, I help measure and analyze the success or failure of our strategies and tactics. Based on that analysis, I pull out key, actionable insights to improve results. Most people understand web analytics through tools like Omniture, Google Analytics and WebTrends (all of which I have used or currently use). I expand my view of “web analytics” beyond these behavioral metrics (the “what”) to include the experience and outcomes of customers and prospects (the “why”).

Associate Strategic Consultant at Refinery, Inc. (now G2 Philly)
November 2006 – March 2007 ( 5 months)

  • I develop interactive strategies and tactics based on insight from web analytics, surveys, secondary research, emerging interactive trends, and marketing strategy best practices. Additionally, I craft clear stories from the mounds of information and develop actionable, data-driven recommendations for site and campaign improvement.

Analyst at Refinery, Inc. (now G2 Philly)
November 2005 – November 2006 (1 year 1 month)

  • Web analytics for a large pharmaceutical client with product web sites in more than 6 different categories, including cholesterol, osteoporosis and oncology.

Marketing Analyst at Roska Direct
January 2005 – November 2005 ( 11 months)

  • Strategic planning and marketing analysis for direct marketing programs in a variety of verticals, including pharmaceuticals, yellow pages and chemical manufacturing.

Assistant Marketing Analyst at Roska Direct
February 2004 – January 2005 (1 year)

  • Reporting to the VP of Strategic Planning, this position involved leading and participating in teams to generate marketing plans, develop new business presentations and proposals and provide strategic guidance and results analysis for ongoing direct marketing projects.

Associate Account Executive at Roska Direct
August 2003 – February 2004 ( 7 months)

  • Reporting to the CEO, this position involved cross-training among Account Management, Strategic Planning, and Traffic. Key responsibilities included maintaining positive client relations and working with multi-department teams to manage projects from concept through post-campaign analysis.

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Consulting & Freelance Work

I do a very limited (<5 hours per week) amount of freelance consulting work, primarily in website optimization and testing, though I have additional expertise. My rate is $100 hour. For more information, email me: alex @ alexlcohen . com

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Personal Life

When I’m not swept up in the whirlwind that is internet marketing, I’m living the life of an urban sophisticate in New York. I love New Yorksrestaurant scene and you can count on me to recommend just the right place. I read books, blogs and newsletters incessantly, all of which fuels my fondness for written communication.

I love to travel, so invitations for events overseas are especially welcome! My rusty French could use some practice. If you know me well enough, I might just invite you over for a dinner party, the playlist for which is guaranteed to be full of indie music favorites.

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own and not representative of my employer or any company I consult or freelance for. If you feel something on my blog is inaccurate, please drop me a line so I can correct it, alex @ alexlcohen . com

-Alex Cohen

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