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Link Round Up

Here is a collection of good reads out in the blogosphere:

Social media consumption by country from Marshall Sponder

Web Analytics Careers: 4 Great Resources from June, who kindly included my article about web analytics resumes on her list.

Email delivers by Jim Novo talks about the continued evolution of email marketing from a post office box approach to a hand written and delivered note approach.

Eric reminds us to take the Web Analytics Association survey.

Stephane highlights the Web Intelligence Certificate Program.

The folks at Juice Analytics released their nifty chart chooser.

Ian is recruiting for people to work on Microsoft’s Google Analytics competitor, Project Gatineau.

Sebastian points us to Donna’s round-up of 5 heatmap tools. I’ve used CrazyEgg and it’s a nice extension of the site overlay feature. It’s a shame that these heatmaps don’t capture more than just clicks.

The folks at Future Now highlight the perils of the double underlined link. These are in-text advertisements. I didn’t even realize these existed! Hopefully it’s a passing fad…

Scott Hurff of Channel Advisor rounds up some stats from comScore about Cyber Monday. $9.3 billion spent online from November 1 through 23, a record and 17 percent higher than the $8.1 billion spent online last year.

Matthew Hurst tips us off to Pete Blackshaw’s new social media book.

Guy Kawasaki suggests a great gift for Christmas – micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, courtesy of Kiva.

Craig helps you think about social marketing in 3 easy slogans.

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