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Great Blog Posts From 2007

Before 2008 gets too frantic, it’s time to look back at the year that was and pick out some great blogging from around the net.

This list is entirely subjective, so if I missed something great, please leave a comment with a link.

Marketing Optimization and Web Analytics

Innovative and Free Web Analytics Tools

3 Greatest Survey Questions Ever

Introducing Sitescan (EpikOne’s now free tool to verify pages are tagged with Google Analytics).

101 Things to do with Google Website Optimizer

Revenge of the Pixels: The Battle for Screen Real Estate

Building Bridges: 7 Ways to Get Marketing & IT to Play Nice

Rethink Web Analytics: Introducing Web Analytics 2.0

Web Analytics 2.0? I’m More Worried About 3.0!

Data Visualization and Presentation

A Simple and Insightful Web Analysis (good chart)

The Chart Explorer from Juice Analytics

Choosing a Good Chart

Persuasive Presentations

Web Marketing and Analytics: Process, Talent & Tools

General Marketing

DIY PR (via Guy Kawasaki & Redfin’s CEO; Steve Rubel responds here).

Tailgate – Fully Transactional Web 2.0 Banners

The Geek Marketer


10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page

Writing Headlines for Regular Readers, Search Engines and Social Media

Warning: Use These 5 Surefire Headline Formulas at Your Own Risk

Blogging/Social Media

How to Become an Authority Blogger

McKinsey Measures Social Media Participation

Tips on Your Google Reader Subscriber Numbers

31 Places to Monitor Your Reputation Online

Running a Technology Company

How to Hire the Best People You’ve Ever Worked With (by Marc Andreesen)

How to Have a Happy CTO & CEO Marriage


Design Your Website for Search Marketing

How to Find Good Search Marketers

Ultimate Local Search Optimization Resources

Positive and Negative Quality Ranking Factors from Google’s Blog Search

All Others

Get an Invite to any Private Beta

The Implicit Web

40 Excellent Free Fonts for Professional Design

Top Posts from Digital Alex

Most Viewed – Starting a Blog: Succeed at Blogging by Being Nice

For the Analysts – Google Analytics, Yahoo Paid Search and utm_term

The One Clients Should Read – PPC Analytics: Transitioning Data from One Agency to Another

Most Useful to College Students/Aspiring Nerds – Want a Web Analytics Job? Write a Good Web Analytics Resume

Recommendations from the Yahoo Web Analytics Forum

Predicting Their Next Move

El día en que la Analítica Web se nos quede pequeña (Spanish)

Event Tracking Pt 1: Overview & Data Model

Sample Chapter – Search analytics and metadata

Eyetracking vs. Mouse Tracking

5 Rules for Quality Landing Page Design

Decision Making: The Death of Intuition?

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  1. Hey Alex
    This is great list, thanks for compiling them. I realized I’ve missed some great posts.


  2. Question;

    Discuss the development of an effective marketing communication mix that can be used to reach a company’s targeted customer. Show with example


    a) Advertising
    b) Sales Promotion
    c) Public Relations
    d) Personal Selling
    e) Direct Marketing
    f) Referencing, presentation and applications