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18 Must Read Articles from my Twitter Account

web analytics twitterI often stumble on a lot of great articles that don’t trickle down to my blog. Instead, I often share them on Twitter. Follow me to get all of the resources (DigitalAlex).

You can also check out my FriendFeed. I share great posts from my Google Reader there.

  1. Sample Correctly to Measure True Improvement Levels
  2. Writing for the Web — And Getting It Read
  3. Creating a Positive Professional Image
  4. Stats on the growth of mobile video
  5. Breakdown of each search engines share of mobile search
  6. Yahoo Developer’s Ideas to Improve Site Speed
  7. An overview of landing page design
  8. Form analytics from ClickTale
  9. Learn linkbait from Matt Cutts
  10. PR Secrets for Startups
  11. The WordPress SEO Guide
  12. Get a free web analytics industry report
  13. Web Analytics Data Reconciliation: How To Guide
  14. The SEO Success Pyramid
  15. Learn how Google uses testing
  16. Analytics for iPhone Apps
  17. Non-profits can get free money from Google!
  18. Interesting thoughts on PPC testing

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  1. Alex, you mention your stumbling these postings – is your stumble profile public? If so can you send it on over so I can add ya?


  2. Hey Wil,

    Oops, I used a social media phrase when I meant it in the non-internet way. These are posts that I “happened upon” by reading blogs, newsletters and talking to coworkers.

    Maybe one day I’ll stumble more… The best way to see what I’m reading is this blog, Twitter and FriendFeed.