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Omniture Acquires Visual Sciences – Are You Next?

Now, I normally shy away from reposting industry press release news on my blog, but this is too big not to discuss.  Omniture, of which Commerce360 is a platinum partner, has just acquired Visual Sciences.  This follows on Omnitures acquisition of Offermatica, Instadia, and TouchClarity.  Full details here.

This raises a number of questions:

  1. Will Omniture merge tools with Visual Sciences or keep them at different levels of investment?
  2. How will Discover 2 advance or get folded into Visual Site’s tools?
  3. Who will be next to succumb to Omniture’s voracious appetite for acquisitions?  Parents, guard your children…

One thing is for sure, the demand for marketers with web analytics experience and general analytics services is only going to grow.  I have a few thoughts about whether you should only hire web analysts with experience…

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